PASS YOUR MOT AT Chevron Motors Ltd - Worcester

PASS YOUR MOT AT Chevron Motors Ltd - Worcester

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Any car over the age of 3 is required by law to have an annual MOT to check it is safe for road use.

Around 1.5million cars fail their MOT tests every year but fear not - there’s a few quick and easy things you can check yourself before you take your car in that can help you pass and ensure that the test is as quick and convenient as possible. 

Headlights and indicators

Walk around your car and check your lights are functioning correctly- ask someone to help you check the brake lights or carefully reverse and use a reflection to see if they are working. A lightbulb can be replaced quite easily, check your manufactures handbook for guidance. Also check that your hazard lights work with your engine switched off. 

Tyres and wheels

Check the tyres and wheels of your vehicle look for any damage on the wheels and check the tyre’s thread depth there should be a minimum of 1.6mm of tread left on tyres for them to be deemed safe. A good way to test this is with a 20p piece- Place it within one of the tyres grooves- if the outer edge of the 20p is visible then your tread depth may be deemed illegal. 

Window wipers

Check the wipers pads for damage any cuts or tears to the pads, if your wipers fail to clean your screen correctly then this could result in a fail.

Fluid levels

Inspect your fluid levels, are they at the correct levels? Make sure that no containers are left empty. Fuel, oil and coolant and don’t forget to check your screen washer fluid too. 


When your vehicle is off the road, test your horn is fully functioning- give it a short, blast to check. 


Inspect your windscreen for any damage anything more than 4mm will be a fail on your MOT. 

Seats and seatbelts

Check the standard of your seats and seatbelts, make sure the belt locks correctly into the holster on all seats and that there are no tears or lacerations on the seat belt straps. 

If you do find any faults during your inspection you can let your manufacturer know before testing so these can be rectified before you take the car in for testing.

For a friendly service and stress free MOT at a competitive price call Chevron Motors Ltd - Worcester in Worcester on 01905401842 to book your vehicle in for its test now.

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