Wheel Alignment and Free Tyre Health Check at your local Citroën dealer

Wheel Alignment and Free Tyre Health Check at your local Citroën dealer

Noticed your car is drifting to the left? Pulling to the right? Countless drivers experience their car drifting to one side – but if not sorted – that little niggle could turn into something more serious.

What should I do?

To start with, it’s a good idea to get your tyres checked. Easy to fix issues such as tyre pressure could be the cause – an under inflated tyre means your car leans to one side and creates more rolling resistance, causing your car to pull.

The good news is that at Chevron Motors Ltd - Worcester we offer free tyre health checks on all makes and models. Give our Service team a call on 01905401842 – we’ll be more than happy to book it in for a quick check up.

At Chevron Motors Ltd - Worcester we also offer a wheel alignment service to make sure your car’s tracking is set to the optimal configuration – put simply this is the angle your tyres are facing. It’s possible that your alignment could have shifted, meaning the wheels are out of sync and you notice a pull while driving.

When should I check my wheel alignment?

It’s a good idea to get your alignment checked with us if:
• Your wheel hits something such as a kerb or pothole in the road
• You have any steering problems such as drifting or pulling
• You make any changes to your tyres or other steering/suspension components

Checking your wheel alignment annually will help maximise tyre wear, as well as keeping you safe on the road.

If you’d like to talk to us about a free tyre health check, your wheel alignment, or any other maintenance questions you have, call Chevron Motors Ltd - Worcester today on 01905401842.

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